More cures, less worry

Custom Chiropractic Websites

Built for you, for free.


Did you say free?

Yes! Curify will design and host your chiropractic website for free. You’ll get a custom-built, mobile-friendly website designed to schedule more patients.


Custom-built Chiropractic Website

Say goodbye to expensive cookie-cutter templates. Curify works directly with you to build a beautiful, patient-focused chiropractic website designed to attract and retain new patients. We custom build the website to fit your practice’s style and services.


Smart, Local SEO

Curify works on your behalf to optimize your chiropractic website for local traffic. No gimmicky newsletters or blog posts — just pure, simple and effective SEO.


Online Patient Scheduling

Gain a competitive edge with built-in online scheduling. The service fully integrates with your practice’s calendar and reduces no-shows with email and text reminders to your patients.


Chiropractors Choose Curify

Curify enables chiropractors to spend more time curing patients and less time worrying about getting patients. If you’re looking to boost your patient base without the expense and hassle of other website providers, you’ve found the cure.